Week 2: Lab Visit

WithIn the second week of the project, having researched current 4D printing experiments we made a visit to Peter and Scott’s lab in Amsterdam’s Science Park. We were shown the work they were currently working on (which we cannot show). Peter gave us a more detailed description of the type of origami patterns he wanted to see us experiment with.


In addition we took with us some tights/pantyhose and STL files of basic shape outlines to play with. We cut up the tights/pantyhose into Ultimaker-sized pieces, clipped them to the base with bulldog clips and printed the shapes!Line Up




Clipping (very awkward)


We found the bulldog clips made it very difficult to maintain the tension consistently across the fabric.



However, the results showed a directional change in the object as a result of the tension of the fabric.



Some shapes did not work so well and just maintained the tension with no motion. Thinker shapes came loose from the fabric.



We tried printing on a thinner fabric with the same shapes but the elastic effect was not as prominent.

A more detailed log of our notes: AP log 28.09


Later in the week we decided that we should design and manufacture a base plate which could more accurately hold the tension in the fabric. It needed to replace the glass and withstand the heat of the base plate.